Faram Fotos LLC

What is a senior rep?

Our senior rep program can be summed up in two words: freaking amazing. The gig is loaded with perks and we will all have a blast.

After you’re accepted into the program, you’ll participate in a complimentary photo session with others who were also accepted.

From there, we’ll make marketing materials for you with photos from the shoot, including business cards, social media/blogging graphics and more.

The more people you refer, the more benefits and perks you'll receive!


What schools do you need senior reps for?

I would love to have a senior from every Johnson County high school if possible... but if I can get representatives from at least three that'd be fabulous!

Do I need to be a junior or can I be a senior to apply?

I am looking for juniors that will be graduating in May 2024.

When do you start accepting applications for next year?

I will open applications for the Class of 2025 in May 2024.

What are you looking for in a senior rep?

I am looking for someone who is involved in extracurriculars and activities that will help me create a fun and unique senior session.

Are you accepting guys and gals to be a senior rep?

Yes!! Ideally I'd like to get at least two guys and two gals but I'm open to anything!

Is there a specific type of personality or hobby/interest that you are looking for your senior rep to have?

I love shooting athletes! But I'm also open to unique things like gamers or someone who loves to read. Things that can make unique shoots really intrigue me!

What are my job duties and responsibilities as a senior rep?

You will be expected to hand out your business cards, post regularly on your social media handles and spread the word about Faram Fotos LLC's senior sessions.

Am I required to attend any events/workshops/community events?

Not at all! The only requirement is your free senior session and the group session, which will be scheduled depending on the reps' schedules.

Does it cost to be a senior rep?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. You will only reap benefits!

If I’m selected, when will my session take place?

The free senior session will be held in early fall and the group session will be held about the same time depending on everyone's availability.

Do you have a question?

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